Mayan Temple Answers | Psycho 60 Escape Games


1. Colored Gems

To solve the first puzzle, you must figure out the next pattern of gems in the series. Each gem has a different movement. The red gem and the yellow gem alternate positions each step. The blue gem never moves. The orange, purple, and green gems move to the left each time (skipping over the red, yellow, and blue gems since they do not move). Therefore, the next sequence of gems is shown below.

2. Dots, Dashes, & Glyphs

This is probably the most challenging puzzle of the game. This puzzle has two parts: figuring out the dots and dashes and figuring out the glyphs.


For the dots and dashes, each dot represents one unit and each dash represents 3 units. For example, One dash (3 units) and two dots (2 units) would equal the number 5 (2+3=5).

For the glyphs, the number of different orientations of the glyph represents the order of them. For example, The G-shaped glpyh has 4 different orientations. Therefore, it is 4th in the sequence. The T-shaped glyph with two circles has 4 different orientations and is second in the sequence.

The number of each type of glyph is the number of the code. For example, there are six G-shaped glyphs. Therefore, one of the number codes is six (or two dashes)

Putting the glpyhs in order would give you the code: 2-5-3-6. Which translates into the dots and dashes shown below.

3. Puzzle Pieces

The puzzle shapes fit together as shown below. Each symbol on the sides tell you the pattern of the solution. Four triangles on top, tow on the right, three on the left, and one on the bottom.

4. Decypher Riddle

Once you translate the shapes you will get the following riddle: Alive feel cold. Breathe no air. Speak my name. A fish is the animal because it is cold when it is alive and it does not breathe air. The icon shaped like a fish is the answer and CHAY is it's name.

5. Lever Positions

The clue card gives you three grids with several boxes filled in. If you placed these over the top of each other, you would only see three squares that are not filled in as below. These are the positions the levers should be in. Left = Middle, Middle = Bottom, Right = Top.

6. Combination Disc

A half circle inside one of the disc wedges indicates a half full bottle. A full circle indicates a full bottle. The clue card shows the square bottle half full of red liquid. If you rotate the disk to where the half circle and red wedge lines up with the square bottle, you will be able to match the other bottles accordingly.


The upper symbol on the clue card tells you where to spin the wheel and one symbol of the combination. So the horizontal line should line up with the double triangle and the double triangle (triangle inside a triangle) is one of the symbols.

The lower symbol tells you the other three locations for the rest of the combination. If you look up each set of line(s) you will find the matching symbol. They end up all being the other double symbols.

7. Sliding Tiles

SInce the tiles can only slide up or down, the first tile must move down. The second tile can move up or down (after removing the white tiles shown on the clue card). If you move up, you will be trapped. So the second tile must move down. Through trial and error you will see that all the tiles must move down excet for the second to last tile.

8. Circle Rotations

Each of the clue cards has a little circle in the upper right corner with a dot in a different position. The clue card gives tells you which card to use per the number system found in the second puzzle. For example, the first circle has a line and a dot. This represents the number 4 which is the fourth card. The fourth clue card has the dot on the top of the circle. That is the position for the first dial. Following this same logic you can find the other three dial positions.

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