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“The drive for exploration, in its many forms, may be the single most important personal factor predicting creative achievement.”
  • Ever wished you could get more creative when faced with challenges at work or at home
  • Are you noticing a slight decline in your cognitive abilities
We believe it is essential to start training your mind as early as possible in order to avoid cognitive impairment. But when we think about the health of our minds we mostly stop short at eating well, getting adequate sleep and regular exercising, but how about an actual workout for the mind? How about something that is fun but does not involve you sitting in front of a screen? 
M1ND 6YM's solution:
At M1ND 6YM, we created a space that provides different types of mental exercises or activities that are designed to stimulate your mind! If you enjoy logic puzzles, mechanical, trivia, words, riddles, math, patterns... we got them all! You will not only be challenged, engaged, and entertained, but you will also get to try new things, which is a critical factor in creative thinking and mental fitness.
The 6YM (aka Dojo):
Is a large gym space that holds 29 uniquely themed stations designed to flex your brain and promote Neurobics. The stations are suitable for 2-4 people per station to encourage collaborations and require basic outside knowledge to solve.  All you will need is your fully charged cellphone (although can be played without) in order to keep track of the stations over time. 
Click the video below to watch a tour of the 6ym.

UCLA's Brain Bootcamp:

​Wondering what you can do about your memory? We have a good place for you to start! We are trained and certified Brain Bootcamp trainers which is a 3-hour program created by UCLA's longevity center. Learn the different types of memory, the Big Four lifestyle factors to preserve your memory, and memory techniques and strategies. Begin by taking the FREE subjective cognitive decline assessment, Then sign up for the session by clicking the button below. 


​Don't want to leave the comfort of your home? The station has been shrunk into a box and we can bring the game to your location!

- Click here to find out more - 

(Good for: Birthdays, camps, family fun!)

The gym has a separate large section dedicated to holding different experiences. Learn a new dance, try new foods, learn a new language or musical instrument. Experiences are meant to introduce you to something new as well as promote socialization, which is yet another critical component of mind growth. Click here to go to calendar.

Want Some fun right away?

  • Check out our printable or home delivery adventure  "TELEQUEST" we guarantee you have never played in this fun way before OR your money back!

  • Join our Facebook group "Brainxercise" for anytime challenges.

  • Get some Neurobic exercise ideas from our YouTube Channel.


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