Have you worked out your brain with some brain training or mental exercises lately? If you haven’t, you need to do some mind training with neurobic exercises. What is neurobic exercise? Before we get into some mental exercises that you can do, let us tell you what neurobic exercise is. Neurobics are mental exercises that stimulate the brain, prevent memory loss, and improve memory recall. Just like you do squats to workout your glutes or curls to workout your biceps, these brain training exercises workout the muscle of the brain. Everyone knows about the benefits that aerobic exercise brings to the lungs and heart, but not everyone often thinks about the benefits that these mental exercises provide the neurons and neuronal network of the brain. 

With neurobic exercises, you will be strengthening and reinforcing mental pathways that will enhance your ability to focus and concentrate. It will also improve your memory because of the cognitive map benefits most of them create. This type of brain training can truly help your mental life develop. 

Now that you have an idea of what neurobic exercise is and how it can help stimulate your brain, here are some mental exercises that you can do to train your brain:

Non-dominant hand exercises

One of the most evident examples of our brain taking shortcuts is the concept of a dominant hand. The hand that you use, without a thought, for your daily activities is considered your dominant hand. One neurobic exercise you can do is to do your daily activities with your opposite, or least dominant, hand. Try writing or brushing your teeth with your opposite hand. By doing this, your focused attention makes you pay more attention to what you’re doing and activates more of your brain. If you are a musician, you can also try switching hands when playing instruments.

Eyes closed exercises

This might sound crazy but it totally does wonder for the brain. All you need to do is go to a familiar area and walk around with your eyes closed. Walk around your house with your eyes closed. Go through the front door and close it, then try to find the right key to let yourself back in the house while having your eyes closed the whole time. Take a shower or eat with your eyes closed. Closing your eyes forces you to dig deep to enhance your multisensory experience, which gives your brain a great workout. 

Listen to music and track an instrument

This activates the sense of hearing. What you do is listen to a song and try to follow a particular instrument throughout the whole song. You can do this through an entire album. You can also switch up the instruments. If you were following the drums in one song, follow the bass on the next one. 


These are just some examples of mind training exercises that you can do to help stimulate your brain. If you are looking for mind trainers and mind training around Winston-Salem, NC, come to M1ND 6YM. We are a space dedicated to strengthening and reinforcing mental pathways, using "NEUROBICS", a scientifically grounded strategy for keeping the brain fit and flexible.


As mind trainers, our mission is to instill the importance of neurobic mental exercises as part of an efficient and holistic daily fitness routine, while highlighting an individual's power of contribution and promoting a culture of collaboration through immersive, fun, educational and interactive challenges. 


Learn more about M1ND 6YM or how strengthening and reinforcing mental pathways can help keep the brain fit by contacting us today!