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Good morning Gordon,

Welcome back! Here are your udpates since your last visit:


+ 8 additional challanges have been added to the daily training exercises

+ Its a great time to retake your COG test and see how you are doing

Your teams:

+ Team Smarties has completed 8/12 challanges

+ Team The Big Dogs has completed 3/14 challanges 

+ Additional team mates have taken assessments- check out updated results

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Team building:

Daily Training:



Create or join a fun team building challange

Take a daily mind exercise to keep your mind flexible

Assess your personality, your cognitive skills and your EQ.


On stop shop for all information mind related.

Your Team Members:

Steven Lance

Lynn Jones

Rosie McEves

Mike Stand

Matt Hubbs

Dijah Smith

Alex Misner

Sophia Eller

Claire Hooks


(mind gym)

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