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Something Different

Corporate events can be very dry, forced, and boring. Looking for something different? Something new? Something unique?Our immersive, interactive, and interesting games will make you a bona fide hero at your next event. Save the day both literally and figuratively by stopping a major disaster! 

Next Level Team Building

It's not just a fun game. Groups must work together, find clues, unravel mysteries, and solve brain teaser puzzles in order to advance along and ultimately salvage humanity. Team members get in a mindset, work toward a common goal, identify their strengths, and get involved. All while improving your mental fitness.

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Team Talk

We are Great for:

  • Corporate Outings

  • Celebrations

  • Team Building 

  • On-Site Events

  • Off-Site Events

  • Large groups (up to 200 or more)

  • Medium Groups (25 to 50)

  • Small Groups (up to 25)

We Want to Work With You:

Together we are brilliant! We truly believe this. By working together, we have a greater chance of success. That is why our games are designed to be a collaborative effort. Let us know your thoughts and needs and we will work with you and within your budget. Starting cost is $25 per person.

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