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COVID-19 Response

At the M1ND 6YM we are taking measures to reassure you that we are deploying the necessary precautions to keep you as safe as possible during your interaction with us. We are committed to providing you and your friends or family with a clean and excellent experience. Below are some of the changes and modifications we are implementing.

Feel free to also watch the video to find out more about our process. As mentioned, if you are still not comfortable visiting us, we have options that come to you. Check out our Telequest adventures to learn more.

Semi-Private games:

For Dojo experiences we are limiting the number of people on our establishment to 10. There are 3 options of attendance:

1- Walk in but might have to wait if there are already 10 people in space.

2- Book an appointment and guarantee no wait but there can be other people in your booking slot limited to 10 people.

3- Book an appointment and request fully private space, only you and your guests will be allowed on site at one time.

Our space is 2500 sq/ft and we will require groups to keep safe distance from other groups.

For Delivery games, the game is fully private at the comfort of your home.

Sanitizing between every game:

At the Dojo, each station will be sanitized immediately after every use and be easily identified as ready once cleaned. 

For our Delivery games the box and contents within will be sanitized (alcohol wiped down and sprayed) immediately upon pick up and before delivery. 

Masks and gloves:

All employees will wear masks and gloves. We recommend customers to wear both or at least a mask upon visit. Masks and gloves will  be available at your request. 


We will require all visitors to wash their hands prior to engaging in any activity or use our sanitizing spray located within the Dojo. 

Contactless check-in:

All payments and registrations will be made via our contactless method. Bookings are done online for the Dojo and the in home Delivery game.

Clear air:

Our gym will continue to diffuse in all its space, On-Guard and Purify from DoTerra essential oils. 

Clean space:

We will continue to clean, wipe, mop and disinfect our space before opening for business and prior to closing for business each day. 

**Our staff comprises of only 2 people and we go to the same household and have a vulnerable person in our household. So you can be confident we are determined to not make any shortcuts! 

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