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The Dojo

Train Your Brain!

At the M1ND 6YM Dojo, you will learn how to think outside the box! You will not only be challenged, engaged, and entertained, but also you will learn yours and other peoples hidden skills and knowledge. You will form bonds, collaborations and develop a stronger team spirit! Your brain will break a sweat!


  • $10/person/Challenge Station (average 25-30min.)

  • Ages 6 and under free with paying adult.

  • Ages 12 - 15 may play alone. One adult must be on site.

  • Ages 7- 11 accompanied by a paying adult.

What You Need:

  • Fully charged cell phone

  • Good attitude, smiles, and cooperation.

  • Your mind, friends, family, teammates.

Go on an adventure!

There are 29 Challenge stations in the Dojo, with about 110, outside the box thinking tasks! From Egyptian Quest, Space station, The Vault, Arabian Daze, Time traveler, Agent X, Bio Lab, Alien and so much more, there is an adventure for everyone!

Your mission is to unlock station 29 "Verge of Extinction", which requires elements from the other 28 stations. YES, it is going to take some time - hence we have an app to keep up with all that!

Come exercise your mind in a fun way and save the world while you are at it