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The Dojo

Train Your Brain!

Come visit us at the M1ND 6YM! We have over 25 interactive, engaging, entertaining, collaborative, intellectual, and awesome mind challenging stations. We recommend 3 to 4 people per station. 


  • Ages 12 and up is $10 per person per station.

  • Ages 12 - 15 may play alone. One adult must be on site.

  • Ages 7- 11 accompanied by a paying adult.

  • Ages 6 and under free with paying adult.

The Back Story

You have been recruited to save the world from artificial intelligence take over.

As we are busy leading our own lives living happily with our Alexas and the Sophias and awaiting newer technologies that will allow us to experience and do absolutely everything from just a thought... the artificial universe is plotting its intricate take over. All it needs is your mind, it already has everything else! But the only way for that to happen is for it to get into your mind and distort your perception of time and space, and eliminate the lines between your thoughts and the thoughts it creates for you.

Brian Gains was a futurist scientist studying artificial intelligence for most of his life. He predicted and tried to warn people about this takeover discovery but no one heeded until he passed away. Prior to his death he devised a system that would reboot all artificial intelligence in order to wipe out the scheme of a takeover should it be necessary, but he locked the system and passed before giving all the instructions to his son Paul. The only thing he left for Paul was a piece of his brain.

Now Paul a renowned Neuroscientist, has clear signs that his father was right. Humans are heading towards a world of which they shall no longer be in control.  Reality and hallucination will no longer be distinguishable. He therefore formed a secret society called The Silver Fox, who's mission is to find the code and unlock the gates of the digital sphere and cause a restart before all humanity loses its minds to artificial intelligence.

Your Mission

To solve station 29th after obtaining the codes from all 28 stations.

You have been recruited by The Silver Fox. You must connect to Brian Gains memories and dreams retrieved from his brain cells. Reality and fiction are all blurred but your mission is to gather all the scattered pieces of 3 letter codes embedded into the experiences. These codes are essential in causing a restart and all codes will be needed. But any false attempts set into the computer will cause the AI to be alert and erase the attempting user's memory...so accuracy is critical!

What You Need:

  • Fully charged cell phone

  • Good attitude, smiles, and cooperation.

  • Your mind, friends, family, teammates.