At Home Games and Fun Family Activities Near Me: Keeping Your Kids Engaged And Active This Summer

You know that you love coming into Mind Gym with your kids, letting them participate in the brain challenges that keep them active and engaged, even when they're not in school. When your kids are home for the summer, it can be tough to keep them excited about learning, and also tough finding things to do “near me”. We've got the perfect games for your at home challengers to take on.


Mind Gym is the perfect fit for you, with at home games to keep their brains learning and active at home. Our at home games are downloadable and printable, and are the perfect way to get your kids off of the screen and engaged with each other. It's up to you whether you decide to participate with your kids - it can be fun to dive in with them, but it can also be fun to sit back and watch them figure it out on their own. Looking for things to do in Winston-Salem? Plenty of parents are constantly looking for fun new things to do for their kids, and that is where we come in.


While your kids can simply print off our at home games and get to work, you can also make it more of an involved event. If you like, invite friends or family over to participate as well. Each of our at home games has a theme, so you can ask your kids and/ or their friends to dress up to fit the theme of their game. This can add additional fun and creativity to the game.


When your kids are playing, be sure to take pictures and videos so that they can share their experience with their friends. Your kids will love going back and looking at the fun they had, and they'll be eager to try another game. Since our at home games are available online, you won't have to waste any time waiting for a new one to come out - you can simply download the next Telequest and keep going.


At Mind Gym, we're dedicated to helping all minds, young and old, stay strong and fit, and we know that it's not always possible to venture out to the Mind Gym Dojo to keep your mind sharp. We hope you take advantage of our options to work on your mental fitness at home, and we hope that you and your kids have fun going through each activity. If you are looking for things to do in Winston-Salem, or searching the internet for “family activities near me”; Mind Gym has activities for everyone!