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Is Your Health In Balance?

What Do You See?

When you see health and well-being, what first appears in your mind? Let me guess... exercise and healthy diet?! Look inside any health magazine. Which ads do you find the most? Exercise, gym, and healthy foods,.. but...of course!

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At Mind Gym we Complete Your Health Balance Circle:

  • We Give You Something New:  Strengthening your brain requires you to keep learning and developing new skills. Our activities cause you to get out of your comfort zone and experience unfamiliar environments. 

  • We challenge you: Well this is the prime rib of the process. We give you situations that will require mental effort.

  • We engage skills that you can build on: Team working, problem-solving, speed, memory, attention, flexibility, and awareness of your hidden talents. Aren't these things you might need in life? 

  • Our level of difficulties can be progressive: You can start easy or go straight to 300 dead lifts!

  • It's Immersive: We make the games fun and engaging and you will want to do it again and again with friends and family! In the book by Lepper and Cordova 1992,  'A Desire to be Taught', as consequences of intrinsic motivation, they note people prefer story-context problems. The integration of challenges into game play result in a more effective way of solving problems. Hence, all our games have a unique and engaging story line!

  • It's Social: Did I just say friends and family? Yes! These connections have been shown via research that they are an important part to your mental health (now you know why the solitude room in a prison is real torture!).

  • We are Educational: Since all our puzzles are made by ourselves we can get pretty creative. We strive to employ the popular VARK model (Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing and Kinesthetic) by Neil Fleming. We engage as many of your senses as we fun! 

Engage Your Mind Today!

We don't just try to engage your greater mind for the prodigious reason of health (lets not be selfish!) We use our skills as an educational tool as well. While you play, you will help raise funds to support others in the fight for more mental exercise awareness. In addition, you will help us provide a free game to a middle school or high school class every month or more!


Start your journey to better mental health by playing one of our mind engaging experiences and supporting the cause. Click the button below to find our variety of games. 


At M1ND 6YM we see a missing link, we believe there is more to a balanced healthy lifestyle besides exercise and a healthy diet. There is not enough emphasis on the contributions from exercising the mind.


How can one have a toned body if they don't have a determined mind to execute the physical activity needed?


How can one eat healthy without the mental power to resist a pizza (you know what i am saying if you tried to lose weight!).


How can you perform the best today at work if you didn't get enough sleep?


So it's only logical that HEALTHY DIET, ADEQUATE HOURS OF GOOD SLEEP, PHYSICAL EXERCISE AND MENTAL EXERCISE must be required to have a balanced health!

Take this example, you want to go to the gym and train to lift 300 lbs. First you must have the mental power to chase this desire, then you must have determination and perseverance to come each day to perform the exercise (there is usually a point you ask yourself why are you doing this!). Now if you succeed in coming each day but every day you trained you did the exact same exercise...what happens? Progress comes to a screeching halt! Why? Because the muscle is now familiar with that routine, no more change will happen. So it doesn't matter how much mental power you have, there will be no more change (Yes that sucks)! In order for change to continue occurring you must switch up your exercise routine, but you must also watch what you eat and get a good amount of sleep. Now, that's as far as most people would tell you BUT we believe the ones that achieve their goals faster and further go one step beyond, they also exercise their mind! (Remember now without it you wouldn't be able to say gym to start with).

Your brain acts the same as your muscles. Research has shown that the brain develops millions of new pathways through your life to help you process things faster and more efficiently, and by doing this the brain defaults to repetitive processes and executes habitual task with minimum mental effort. (Yes, that is why you go to work using the same route-am guilty!) The problem is if you keep doing these same things then the brain does not experience enough stimulation to create new paths and keep growing and developing. So what are you going to do about that?! 

The truth is you cannot be balanced if we only focus on your physical health and ignore your psychological well-being. Many studies have been done and conclude that our memory requires you to "use it or lose it". The more you give your brain a workout, the better you’ll be at processing and remembering information. But in order for you to muscle up your brain the exercises you provide it must break your routine and challenge you to use and develop new connections.

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