What is the M1ND 6YM Dojo?

This is where all the magic happens. Discoveries, wonder, excitement, and sometimes mental anguish. But don't worry, with teamwork, determination, and thinking, you will get there. 

Each station has about 4-6 different puzzles to solve. Each one opens something (a lock, drawer, cabinet, etc.). Inside will be the clues and items you need to solve the next puzzle. The last thing you find will be a 3-letter code. You want to collect these in order to open the final station and save humanity from destruction. 

Each station also works part of your brain, needs collaboration, and involves one or more of your senses. There are also some additional neurobic exercises you can try and learn a fun brain fact. You will find these on the orange cards at each station.

So, immerse yourself in the fun and choose your own adventure. Each victory is a small step towards more confidence in yourself!

How Do I Play?

First, you will need at least one partner. A friend, family member, coworker, your dentist...anyone! Working together and bouncing ideas off each other is key. 

Next, be sure to look around. I mean everywhere! Look under, over, around, in between, behind. Inspect, discover, and explore. When you find something, share it!

After that, try to understand how the things you found go together. It might be some numbers, colors, smells, sounds. Look for patterns and connections between the items. 

Now you need to make some sort of code out of them.  You can quickly figure out what you need by looking at the locks. You will realize how many numbers, letters, or other information you need to open them. Once you think you know the answer, try it out. Hopefully, you get to do a happy dance when you find that the lock opens.

If you still need help, try taking a peek at the hints. If you are really stuck, feel free to ask one of the friendly mental fitness trainers for help.

When you are done, don't worry about putting anything away. We will do that for you. We also want to be able to thoroughly sanitize each item for the next players. 


Here are some helpful instructions on how to open each type of lock. If you have any trouble, one of our mental-fitness trainers will be happy to help.

We are working on it...