If you want to build more muscles, you engage in weightlifting exercises. If you want to improve your cardio, you would probably do some sprints or high intensity exercises. The same principles apply to brain training to help increase confidence, increase motivation and increase creativity. Studies have shown that you can increase confidence, motivation and creativity through education growth and mental exercises. 

Increase Confidence 

Confidence is the belief in one’s own abilities and is a quality that is needed to succeed in relationships, business, and in life. So what is it that makes people think and feel what they think and feel about themselves, and what makes one individual have more confidence over someone else? Self confidence remains to be primarily an individual phenomenon, but studies have shown that confidence is linked to brain activity patterns and that you can increase confidence through brain training and education growth. Although self confidence does not look or feel the same for all people, the studies prove that self-confidence is flexible and fluid. Plus, the more you challenge your brain and get positive results, you will always be able to increase your confidence.

Increase Motivation

Studies have shown that brain training can increase motivation. Have you ever wondered why it takes so long for us to get started on long-term goals? It’s because very little dopamine is released in the beginning of long-term goals. With low levels of dopamine, people are less likely to work for things. Dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter that plays a role in our ability to think and plan. It’s considered the brain’s motivational ‘reward drug’. It helps us strive, focus, and find things interesting. Bursts of dopamine are sparked by rewarding experiences and an increase in motivation happens when your dopamine spikes. That is why it is important to engage in brain training exercises. When you engage in these mental exercises and complete a challenge, you are creating these rewarding experiences and enhancing the chances for your dopamine to flow and increase motivation. That is why we are more motivated to complete short term goals. If we set short term goals towards our long term goals, we are more likely to get started on our long term goals.

Increase Creativity

There may have been people that told you that you weren’t creative because you weren’t good at art. There was a perception that people who were creative were the people who could draw good or who were good at arts and crafts. But think about it - Doesn’t problem solving force you to think differently and be a bit of creativity? How about the savvy entrepreneur, imaginative author or the innovative scientists - Are they not all creative? Creativity can be expressed in a number of ways. Unlike the old idea that suggests people who think with the right side of the brain are considered more creative and the people who think with the left side of their brain are considered more logical, true creativity requires a whole-brained approach because it requires lateral thinking, or thinking about things in new ways. Yes, you can be considered creative because you produced an artistic masterpiece, but creativity can also be expressed by thinking outside the box, so that you can devise fresh approaches to solving problems and meeting challenges. People used to think that you were born creative, but recent studies have shown that you can increase creativity with brain training. Mental exercises and education growth that will increase your knowledge will help feed your mind with ideas, help you think differently, expand your thinking and boost your ability to brainstorm and build on concepts, which will all help increase creativity. 


If you are looking for a place around Winston-Salem, NC, where you can engage in brain training and mental exercises, come into M1ND 6YM. At M1ND 6YM we train people of all ages to think differently and be mid-fit! We are a space dedicated to strengthening and reinforcing mental pathways, using "NEUROBICS", a scientifically grounded strategy for keeping the brain fit and flexible. You will Increase your creativity, attention to detail, critical thinking, and improve memory, all while having fun and discovering your AHA moments!


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