7 Ways to Exercise Your Mind

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Mental fitness starts with taking that first step. You need to be a little uncomfortable in order to make those new neural connections and strengthen the weaker ones. However, it will be challenging and fun! Don’t worry, M1ND 6YM has your back. Just be sure to be careful, use common sense, enlist the help of others if needed, and stay safe!

Here are seven simple ways to get your mind fit using the principles of neurobics.

1. Use Your Other Hand

This one is pretty easy (to describe). All you have to do is use your least dominant hand. If you use your right hand to drink your coffee, try using yourself. Or brush your teeth with the hand you normally don’t use.

2. Close Your Eyes

Closing your eyes while doing a simple task can waken your other senses. See how challenging it can be to button a shirt or put toothpaste on your brush without looking. This exercise can work in many different scenarios. Just be careful and ensure you have someone nearby to guide you around if needed.

3. Speak Backwards

Try saying your sentences backward. For example: Smart are you, this read can you if. You might get a bit tongue twisted at first. That is your brain working to make new connections. Over time, it will feel more comfortable.

4. Stand On One Leg

Most of us that can walk often take it for granted. Try getting around on just one leg, or no legs if you dare. Again, be careful, use common sense, and enlist the help of others as needed. Not only will your brain get a workout, but your leg will too!

5. Don't Use Your Hands

Even harder than using your other hand is to use no hands at all. You might try using your elbow pit (is that the term for it?). Or you can use your mouth or toes. Try writing a note, or eating food. Not so easy, is it? Good luck!

6. Don't Speak

This is like a game of charades. Try not to use your voice for a while. You will have to find new and other ways of communicating. You probably want to let others around you know what you are doing first. :)

7. Try Something New

Trying something you have never done before is what neurobics is all about. Eat a new food, watch a different type of movie or read a new book. Make an effort each day to create an experience you never had before. After all, variety is the spice of life as they say!

Achieve More by Thinking Differently!

That is the M1ND 6YM motto. We believe that by challenging your mind in new and unique ways, you will be better prepared and mentally fit. We hope to see you soon and keep on exercising your brain!

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