Five Fun Facts About M1ND 6YM

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

M1ND 6YM can be great for a variety of things: date night, family outings, team building, parties.

People crave the chance to solve puzzles and escape a reality they’ve been thrown into. The pull of mystery, suspense, and possibly confusion, all coming together and having to be solved, can give people a rush they haven’t felt in a long time.

So, here are five fun facts about M1ND 6YM that will make you want to try it.

1. Not one challenge station is the same as the other

Each station has a different theme. From Egyptian, to aliens, to spies, we have it all! It is like every escape room game rolled into one. There are over a hundred puzzles or clues that you need to find. That is one of the main things that persuades people to try them out and then has them continuously coming back for more—the originality.

2. You can ask for help

It’s true. Technically you only have your teammates to assist you in finding clues and solving puzzles. But that doesn’t mean help won’t drop down from high places every once in a while if you need it.

Sometimes it can be easy to forget that if you and your team just can’t figure out, you can always ask out loud for help. These hints can be given via the app, or our dedicated mind trainers.

3. You can’t solve everything by yourself—that’s why you’re on a team

M1ND 6YM is not all about you and your creative prowess. You can try to solve every single puzzle, not listen to anyone else’s help and try to make your way alone, but we can almost guarantee it won’t work. And it will also ruin the time for everyone else.

M1ND 6YM was created to test your critical thinking and force you to communicate your own thoughts with those around you. If you and your team don’t come together on common ground to solve whatever problem is in front of you, you probably won’t make it.

4. Organization can be very beneficial

There can be an endless amount of clues. Every station will most likely have locks and keys to them or clues you need to find and hold onto throughout. This is where your adult skills of organization can come in handy.

Whenever you find keys or clues, it would be a good idea to work with your teammates to figure out the best place to put them. You only beat the station if you find all the things you were supposed to.

5. You will be challenged, and you may not finish quickly

We’ll ruin it for you now. If you think this is going to be quick and easy, you’re wrong. Even the games created for beginners are challenging in more ways than one and require creative and critical thinking.

However, all M1ND 6YM stations should always be fun and should train your mind to think in different ways than before.

Book your challenge today!

After reading this list, you have to try it out — visit or contact us at M1ND 6YM today and choose us for your next event!

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