Five Ideas for Family Bonding

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Finding fun things to do for family bonding can be hard. You want to try and find something that everyone can participate in and enjoy. Here at M1ND 6YM, we get that, so we’ve compiled a list of five ideas for family bonding that’s sure to get everyone in the family excited to spend time together.

1. Create A Puzzle Hunt

A puzzle hunt is a combination of a scavenger hunt and brain game puzzles. It is a great way to get everyone engaged and working together. You can make it as simple or as complex as you want. Just create about five or six different brain teasers. These can be riddles, math or logic puzzles, word searches, cryptograms, or any other type of puzzle. Use your imagination. You can have a treasure map of your house and hide the clues and puzzles in different locations.

It can be fun to come up with a theme for the hunt. Like: alien invasion, an earthquake, pirates, or spies. Feel free to decorate and wear costumes to make it even more interesting. We recommend teams of 4-6 people. If you have more, you can compete against each other for the fastest time.

If all that seems like too much work for you, M1ND 6YM has a solution. We created a printable and mobile version of our mind engaging brain challenges. Called TELEQUEST, each adventure gets families to socialize in a fun, entertaining, cooperative, and mentally healthy way. Learn more now at:

Otherwise, try these suggestions out below. To add a neurobics aspect, you can create some additional rules like using only one arm, or hopping on one leg.

2. Do A Project Together

Maybe the garage needs cleaning, or the deck needs to be stained, or you want to build a new deck. It may not sound like fun at first, but accomplishing something grand together can be very rewarding. Everyone can be assigned a small task suitable for their age level. Having more helping hands makes the work much faster and can be enjoyable.

Definitely add some fun music to keep you motivated. You can find all kinds of playlists online or via music apps. Groovin’ and movin’ together and getting’ the job done will create good work ethics for children and create some lasting family memories.

3. Cook Something Together

Everybody loves food so why not create some together. Taking some family time to explore new tastes, scents, and ingredients can be rewarding for everyone, especially the ones in the family that don’t know how to cook!

You can all take an online cooking class. A class can provide many good things such as: practicing patience, cooking skills, communication skills, and has the added benefit of learning about new things whether that be cultures or dishes.

Cooking is a skill that pays you back over your entire life. And keeps you from being hungry or bored of the same old food. And, cooking allows you to be healthy by choosing good ingredients high in nutrients. The best thing about it is being able to eat the food!

4. Play Some Sports

There is nothing like a little friendly match between family members. Not only does it get everyone involved, it is also good for your physical fitness. A quick game of soccer or basketball can get everyone involved and bonding.

Or break out those old badminton, or croquet sets. Or how about a game of volleyball or horseshoes? Whatever you choose, keep it light and fun. Maybe it’s the boys against the girls or the kids against the adults. Now is the opportunity to get everyone out of their seats, off their screens, and engaging each other.

5. Create Art Together

Here at M1ND 6YM, we love the idea of being able to use your creativity and express yourself in new ways. So, why not give the family to a painting class. This could sound uninteresting, but you would be surprised at the kind of painting classes you can find just through a simple YouTube search. Or any kind of art: sculpting, drawing, jewelry making, needlework, or anything else.

Painting allows every family member to tap into their creative side and create something they like. Other benefits of creating art include decreased negative emotions and stress, a better sense of self, and improvement of mood.

Have Fun With Your Family Today

Figuring out what to do for the next family fun night can be hard but we hope our list of five ideas can help make it easier.

If you read number one on our list and know that’s the right choice for you, check it out. With many different challenges, we have something for everyone in your family.

Keep an eye out for more TELEQUESTs. They are a great opportunity to do something engaging, new, and different with your family. And if you have ideas of your own, please comment below or email us at

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