How M1ND 6YM Was Born! (and why)

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Our journey has been awesome, fun, challenging, scary, fulfilling, and exciting! It took many dollars, babysitters, doggy daycare, piles of laundry, late nights, trips to Walmart, Staples, and Lowes, and Amazon packages to get here. Just 3 more weeks until we finally open!

Rahel and I owned Psycho 60 Escape Rooms in Kernersville for 3 years and enjoyed watching the many faces of our customers when they finally opened a lock. To many, the concept was new and exciting.

At the beginning of 2019, we realized that we needed to do something different. We needed a change. We tried a few things. Some worked (Like our Grand Events) and some didn't (Like Go City Puzzle Trek). In July, I realized that working another full time job was getting in the way of our business success and growth. So, in July, I took the plunge and quit. We decided it was the best chance we had. Scary, but very rewarding.

After a few months of seeing my retirement stash shrink, we realized that we needed a big change and a new mission and focus. After racking our brains and Rahel reading a gazillion books, she brought forth a vision of a gym for mental fitness (Genius!). There are many gyms for physical fitness, but none for mental fitness. But isn't is more important to exercise your brain? Since it is the thing that will tell you to eat healthy and exercise.

We heard from many people that they like the mind challenges, but do not want to be locked in a room or have the pressure of a time limit. So we removed those with the M1ND 6YM concept. At M1ND 6YM, there are many small stations with themed escape room style puzzles. In an escape room, you might have 8-10 challenges. At M1ND 6YM you have over 100. You pay by the hour. This means that you can take as little or as long as you want.

And the space is much larger and more open. This means we can have large groups and parties at the facility. We plan to soon host learning events and provide meditation rooms and instruction.

We can't wait for you to see it and be sure to come to our Grand Opening! February 21st and 22nd. We are located at 690 Jonestown Road, Suite 150, Winston-Salem, 27103.

See you soon!

Rahel and Mathew

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