Why Your Company Should Book Grand Events with M1ND 6YM

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Team building is an important aspect of company growth. It’s one of the number one investment a company can budget for each year. It can help coworkers connect, encourage communication, increase collaboration, and help put an end to some tense situations currently happening.

Finding an activity for team building is the hardest part. Team building has a bad rep in most workplaces because they can be notorious for being forced and uncomfortable. Boring luncheons, subpar speakers, or awkward and uncontrolled game days. It’s enough to make people dread every time another team building day comes around.

What if we told you we have the answer to your problem. An answer that is engaging, mind stimulating, adventurous, and fun! It provides a new and engaging way to conduct team building in your company and make sure it doesn’t feel like just another day in the office.

You need to book an Grand Events with M1ND 6YM.

Here’s why.

What Is a Grand Event?

Before you learn what a Grand Event is, you need to know what M1ND 6YM is. It is an interactive, hands-on activity that stimulates critical and creative thinking. A team works together to unlock a themed station and has to solve a mystery or complete a mission in a series of different mind challenges. The stations are full of clues, puzzles, and locks to open to find the answers your team needs.

A Grand Event is the exact same thing except we bring the themed challenges to you. You just have to provide the tables and chairs and we show up with the rest of the stuff, such as: puzzles, brainteasers, game masters, and any other prop needed.

What Are the Benefits of Booking an Event?

There are a variety of benefits for booking an escape event with Grand Events such as:

Ease: All you have to do is book the event, provide some chairs and tables at the venue, and leave the rest to us. We bring all the necessary props, game masters and puzzles for your escape event.

Budget-Friendly: Our events are only $25 per person, with no setup or tear-down fee. This is a great deal considering we come to you with everything that’s needed.

Unique: We can almost guarantee not a single one of your employees has done a team-building event like this one. We have different options depending on your group size.

What About Benefits for My Employees?

We’re glad you asked. Grand Events build multiple skills for people such as:

Communication: Communication in the workplace is pretty important. Without knowing how to communicate with one another, employees can lack motivation to complete assignments or ask for help when needed. The events are focused around the idea of making communication a must. Teams that don’t communicate usually don’t succeed or even have fun.

Listening: This skill is pretty important too, and goes for the boss of the company as well. Escape events force people to be quiet and listen, maybe for the first time in a while. Many clues and puzzles can not be solved alone and will need collaboration and teamwork to figure them out. This is where one person needs to talk and others need to listen. A Grand Event is perfect for companies who have problems passing the speaking baton at work events. The boss should participate in the event as well because it gives them the opportunity to listen to their employees.

Connection: It can be hard to make concrete connections with fellow employees. However, it’s something people should do because it has a variety of benefits and allows for a better workplace environment. Our events force people to work together, even if they may not like each other. By pushing collaboration, employees learn to appreciate their coworkers and identify their own strengths and weaknesses.

Level Up Your Team Building Today

Booking a Grand Event is a no-brainer. These events are fun, interactive, and unique so everyone in the group is going to have a good time. It’s for any age or disability, so everyone can participate.

A team-building activity like this is one that’s sure to make your employees appreciate their company more and possibly be excited for the next time you plan one. So head over to our website and book an event today.

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