You and your family visit an ancient Mayan temple on your annual vacation to Mexico. Somehow you get lost from the tour group. Far inside, you find a secret chamber filled with treasures and ancient artifacts. 


One of you removes a small, gold statue of a god from a pedestal, and immediately a stone door closes. You are all trapped! To make things worse, the sand starts pouring in. You sadly realize it will only take one hour before the room is completely full.


Working together, you must quickly use the clues to solve the diabolical puzzles set by the native people who once lived here. Will you escape in time?

Temple of the Maya - Coming Soon!

  • Difficulty Level: 8 out of 10

    Ages: 10 and up

    # of Players: 2-8

    Time: 1-2 hours

    Materials Needed: Printer and paper, dice, smartphone, pencil & note paper, and your imagination.

    Printed and Shipped: Add this separate, ad-on option to your cart if you don't feel like printing it yourself. Currently only available in the US.

    • Tax not included
    • Resale or distribution is prohibited
    • No crying, whining, fighting, or complaining
    • Recipient agrees to engage in merriment throughout the activity


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