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“One in nine people ages 45 and older are experiencing Subjective Cognitive Decline  .” Cognitive Infographics
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  • Having trouble remembering people's names or where you placed your keys?
  • Worried about your memory and how to keep your mind healthy?

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According to UCLA Longevity Center research, 57 to 83% of Older Adults report some type of memory complaint. And according to the CDC Subjective Cognitive Decline (SCD) is a self-reported memory problem that has been getting worse over the past year.  Over a third of people with SCD said it interfered with social activities, work and volunteering. Current preventative services for this population are extremely limited.
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M1ND 6YM's solution:
At M1ND 6YM, we want to focus on preventative methods. And as such we believe just as exercise is good for the prevention of many physical ailments, then it should be just as important to exercise the mind for the prevention of mental disorders, starting as early as possible. 
At our gym, we use the science of Neurobics (Click here to learn more about Neurobics),  which requires the use of all your senses, a strong component to mental fitness. Not only this, our gym champions socialization and collaboration, an often undervalued, but essential component of a healthy mind.  If you are looking for something that will captivate not only you but your kids and grandkids at the same time, then this is one of the best options to engage your minds and create long-lasting memories and bonds.
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UCLA Brain Boot Camp
In addition, we have partnered with UCLA Longevity Center in order to provide you with more impactful and research-backed experiences. We are certified Brain Boot Camp trainers who are committed to seeing your success. Sign up for our 3 hour Brain Boot Camp program and learn the different types of memory, The Big Four lifestyle factors to preserve your memory, and memory techniques and strategies.  Take a quick SCD assessment by clicking the button below to find your memory abilities score. Then sign up for the program and let us work together to improve your score. 
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Because our minds never stop growing, it is important to keep learning and experiencing something new and different whenever possible. In support of this, we have dedicated a section in our gym for holding these experiences.  Experiences are meant to be an introduction, and not necessarily a full course to something new. These experiences also promote socialization, which is yet another very important element, and often overlooked part of mental growth. With us, you can try a new dance, new foods, learn a new language or musical instrument. Since the pandemic, these experiences are now available virtually.
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